Cracking the Channel Catfish Code



"This weekend I read a really informative new catfishing book by Brad Durick called Cracking the Channel Catfish Code. Brad is one of the country's top cat guides, plying the waters of the Red River of the North with his clients. He's put together a book chock full of highly informative, scientifically based catfishing info anyone who enjoys chasing whiskerfish ought to have in their home library."

- Keith "Catfish" Sutton- Outdoor writer and author of the famous catfishing books Catching Catfish and Catfish- Beyond the Basics

"Somebody has finally combined scientific research with real-world fishing experiences and made sense of the contradictions between the two worlds. Brad looked at what fisheries biologists have proved about catfish movement and behavior, then correlated that scientific research with what he's personally experienced during thousands of hours chasing--and catching--channel catfish in rivers. His innovative theories about secondary currents, lateral movement of fish, and how water temperature influences catfish metabolism/activity/feeding make "why didn't I think of that" sense to river rats obsessed with catching more and bigger catfish, and provide casual catfish anglers a huge boost to ratchet their catfishing to the next level.

Whether it's explaining how river flows influence catfish behavior, discussing strategies about how to set anchors to optimize bait placement, or dealing with the age-old arguments about moon phases, solunar tables and water temperatures, Brad focuses on facts, data, and detailed personal fishing records to support his theories and strategies to help readers catch channel catfish. As he explains on page 94, to settle an internal debate with himself about why timing and lateral movement influenced changes in his catch rates,  "I fished to find the answer."

That's the kind of practical, real-world research that will help readers not only catch more catfish, but understand WHY they're able to do it."

- Dan Anderson- Avid catfish angler and a frequent contributor to "In-Fisherman Magazine," "In-Fisherman's" annual "Catfish In-Sider Guide", and Game and Fish Magazines


Today's catfish angler takes his sport seriously. More and more anglers are learning that channel catfish are a whole lot of fun to catch and quite challenging. Angler surveys reveal that the sport is growing fast and manufacturers of fishing tackle are responding with new products aimed specifically at the cat man.

It's also no secret that some catfish anglers far outshine their brethren in both numbers of fish caught and in size. Brad Durick is just such an angler.

He caught his first Red River of the North channel catfish about 15 years ago and has been a driven angler since that time. He averages about 75 days a year on the water. Headquartered at Grand Forks, N.D., Brad is a licensed U.S. Coast Guard captain. He's been offering catfish guiding services for the past six years and has kept detailed notes on every trip on the river.

Now he has written a book revealing his research on how to consistently catch channel catfish from rivers. Entitled "Cracking the Channel Catfish Code," Durick explores how river current, water temperatures and catfish metabolism play a role in angler success. This is the first catfishing book that I am aware of that matches scientific fishery research with on-the-water angling and explores new frontiers that have gone unreported in the past.

He explores how moon phases and solunar times affect channel catfish as well as how catfish behave throughout the season. Each season reveals specific patterning which will enable you to predict the bite and increase your success. He also offers a new concept he calls "lateral movement" which will enable you to find catfish under changing conditions.

This softcover book is well put together with chapters on every facet of catfish angling from river flow to anchoring to modern day catfishing tackle to electronics.

It's available from Brad's website for $15.95 plus $4 shipping and handling. It may also be ordered through, and the Sioux City Scheel's store has it on hand.

Also, check out his other website

If you align yourself with today's modern catfish anglers, this book is a "must read." 

- Larry Myhre - Sioux City Journal

Just finished reading the book...for the second time. Very informative. It helped me understand why I do the things I do when chasing channel cats. If you haven't got a copy , get it! Lot's of great useful information. Thanks Brad for taking the time to put together this book.

- Chad Waugh- Director, Iron Man Catfish Tournament (Indiana)


Just finished the book Brad. Have to say the best book I've read on catfishing. Really like your metaphor on the Barometer. Great book!!!!!

-Reader from Illinois

All of you milk river fishermen I highly recommend this book for a great read. Captain Brad Durick who fishes the red river alot. This book can relate to the milk river has awesome ideas to put you on more fish next spring.

- Reader from Montana

I'm almost done reading Brad Durick's book Cracking the Channel Catfish Code. I highly recommend it been a pretty good book. Been a great book Brad.

- Reader from Nebraska

Using your infomation in your book landed me some really big cats this summer. Thank you!

- Reader from Utah

Awesome!!!, I learned more in the time it took me to read it twice than I would have in two years on the water!! It also helped me confirm a few things I was starting to learn on my own. Many thanks for sharing all your trials and tribulations for the rest of us.

- Reader from Montana

I just finished it a few days ago.  Captainbrad is paving the way for the future of catfishing through his meticulous record keeping. His in-depth analysis of water temp, barometric pressure, water level, water flows, and fish/hr. will prove to be useful on any body of water.  Brad includes interviews with top names in the catfishing industry with additional sections covering local Red River guides.  Use the information presented in this book to pattern "Lateral Movement" and put more fish in the net. This is a must read for any hard core catfisherman.

- Reader from Wyoming

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